Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Batmobile Pinewood Derby Cars!

In third grade I lost the Pinewood Derby.  Big time.
I built my own car 100% myself after bedtime one night (not a Batmobile.)  I stayed up with a dimmed lamp and a jack-knife and chiseled out a crude blocky hunk of junk with a rubber monster finger puppet taped to the driver's seat.
My car got last place, but was the only car in the race built by a boy scout.

But I digress.

Time for some DIY Batmobile Pinewood Derby Cars!

No car is more homemade than a Pinewood Derby Car.  And no Pinewood Derby Car is cooler than the Batmobile.  So here's a random collection of Pinewood Derby Batmobile pictures I put together.

Sorry for the lack of image credits.  The pics are from a folder I put together a while ago.  Some of the file names will give you a clue as to the image source.

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