Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time for an update!
I built a big Bat fin for the BAT 01.
It's lightweight, mounted, lights up, and is strong and stable.
I wanted to experiment with rivets, thin aluminum sheet and coroplast. It's fun to fabricate with, and the results are about as good as I hoped.

 And . . . . . BAT FIN!

 I added dual rocket exhaust (tail-lights from a 61 Thunderbird.)

Well let's see.  Flat black, giant Bat Fin, dual rocket exhaust, BAT 01 license plate.
I'd say it's a Batmobile!
So far I've overheard several people say so, and one fine but mistaken gentleman called me Batman in the grocery store parking lot.
One dude cruising in a big hoopty with chariot wheels and an extra wheel and all that was checking me out as he drove by.  He had a look on his face like, "Is THIS the new thing that I have to do to my car?  How the #@*& did I miss this one?  This *%$# gettin' too crazy."

Anyways, Batmobile Stage 1 achieved.
Everything I do now is simply an upgrade.  And I have a few upgrades in mind . . . .
Right now I'm mocking up trunk sides and rear quarter panels in cardboard:

 Here's a Photoshop mockup of what I have planned: