Saturday, February 25, 2012

It will be a foam and fiberglass body kit that bolts on top of the miata.
I'm making it removable so that I can transfer the kit to another miata if need be.
The design concept is to make a 66 Batmobile shrunk down to the size of a Corvette Stingray - sort of a 'Wayne Roadster'.
The final finish will be a bit rough - my goal is to have a daily driver Batmobile that will fool any five year old when I zoom by.

So, I pulled contours off the Hot Wheels Batmobile with foam core and sewing pins.
I then scanned all those contours into Photoshop and skewed them to fit revised miata Batmobile blueprints. The blueprints are life sized at 16dpi.
Below are some shots of the contour pulling, samples of the raw contours and the different composite blueprint views.

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