Thursday, March 29, 2012

Test-mounted the Front

     I test mounted the front half of my DIY Batmobile.  After quite a struggle, I got it bolted on good and tight and drove around with half of a Batmobile for a full week!

   Unfortunately, after a huge rainstorm a quantity of moisture got trapped underneath the skin and mushified some of the body panels.  What's more, the front is impractical in its heavyness, and I was unable to open the hood with it mounted like I'd planned.  The miata is often thirsty for oil, so no motor access is a big problem.
   Now I have to decide whether to band-aid the damage and then wrap the whole thing in aluminum and black duct tape as a desperate measure to give it some form of weatherproofing, OR, whether I should smooth out the sculpt with mass amounts of spackle and have the whole thing sprayed with a hard shell of fiberglass (then tear out the cardbord foam and spackle from the insides.)
I'm not sure what to do, and more than a little tired and discouraged.

What's more, the Batmobile is apparently a huge dude magnet.
On three occasions over the course of one week, men pulled over to gawk and interview me about what I'd done.  It has been proposed by Batman himself that 'Chicks dig the car,' but I think he is in great error on that point.

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